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Train, train more and train again –
the results will only improve.

Training and education

We offer professional training and radar education at your range, in your office or at our premises here in Denmark. Our training courses vary in length and depth depending and your staff and operational requirements. We require step 1 to bo completed before proceeding.

STEP 1 – Newbies and basics

  • Ka-Band radar theory and radars in general: 2 days
  • System and component run-through (mechanical and associated parts): 1/2 day
  • Operational tasks and planning a test: 1/2 day

Depending on the system you have acquired and the level of training needed, we offer the following solutions for example weapon scoring systems:

STEP 2 – System Specific Training (SST)

The training course below, is an example for weapon scoring systems training.

  • The radar system and it’s components: 1/2 day
  • The userinterface (software, admin rules, user specific interfaces and more): 4-5 days
  • Mission planning and user experiences: 2 days
  • Live interpretation and reporting training: 2 days
  • Capturing, analyse and evaluating data: 2-4 days
  • Reporting and formatting: 1 day

STEP 2, will be performed by former F-16 test pilots, radar engineers and other highly qualified personnel. The course therefore involves multiple trainers.

STEP 3 – Training the future trainers

Individual courses will be determined by our team of experts. We require dialogue and customer knowledge in order to provide accurate information and quotes. Our expectations are high, making our planning extensive.

STEP 3, will be performed by a bespoke team, put together to fit your exact situation and requirement. Our sourcing pool of engineers, subject matter experts, pilots, weapon masters and extend beyond what you see online. Our offering will therefore be tailored to fit your requirements and not a generic offering.

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