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Counter UAS

The dramatic rise of cheap drones poses a challenge to traditional surveillance systems

With the proliferation of cheap commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drones and their increasing sophistication, traditional surveillance systems are struggling to keep up. At Nordic Radar Solutions, we have since 2019 evaluated and adapted our Ka band radar technology for the CUAS application. This effort has been funded by R&D funding from the Danish Defense and the EU through participation in the JEY-CUAS project funded under the EDIDP program.

The Challenge

UAS technology has advanced rapidly, presenting new challenges for security and defense. Conventional radar systems often fail to detect these threats due to their low speed, small size, and ability to maneuver effectively. Additionally, the emergence of military-grade UAS, swarms, and the integration of artificial intelligence pose significant challenges to existing counter-UAS (C-UAS) technologies.

About the JEY-CUAS project

The project “Joint European sYstem for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems” (JEY-CUAS) will advance technologies at system and sub-system level to develop a new generation C-UAS system based on a modular and flexible plug’n’play architecture to address the emerging challenge of micro and mini drones increasingly used for defense purposes. The solution will contribute to an improvement of the situational awareness and reaction engagement to overcome the growing resilience of UASs to first generation C-UAS systems keep up with new LSS (Low, Small, Slow) aerial threats and reduce the minimum reaction time. The project is lead by Leonardo of Italia and consists of 38 of the major European companies. Nordic Radar Solutions is the only company from Denmark.

Read more about JEY-CUAS here:

NRS Objectives

Is it a bird or a drone? With the NRS Diamond Radar it is easy to tell the difference – even at a distance when the object is not visible to the naked eye.

The NRS Ka band radar provides key attributes to the JEY-CUAS system:

  • High accuracy classification of detected targets.
  • Very accurate target location enabling effector systems to engage the threat.
  • Ability to discriminate UAS operating in a swarm, even when they are operating very close together.

The JEY-CUAS will be completed with a system demonstration in which potential of the system will be evaluated in representative scenarios.

Nordic Radar Solutions is part of a consortium which has applied for follow-on EDF funding to the JEY-CUAS project with the aim at completing development and qualification of the technologies demonstrated under the JEY-CUAS project.

This project, with file number GA 7428209 – JEY CUAS, is funded by the European Commission and the Danish Ministry of Defence in the framework of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

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