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Developing radars is engineering, marketing, business development, sales, administration, warehouse management and more. The position you are looking for may not be online just now, but unsolicited applications are kept when the requirement arrises. Please don’t hold back. Normally, you would send a resume and cover letter – if that’s your style please do. But we also accept video applications if that suites you better, the most important thing, is that you make us aware.

Send your unsolicited application to or call us at +45 86 99 27 26

Nordic Radar Solutions is mainly working with research and development in the field of state-of-the-art instrumentation radars targeting both military and civilian applications. Our proprietary technology is based on expert knowledge about radar, data and software engineering. Our solutions are developed by specialists who endlessly explore and challenge new technical boundaries.

The blend of cutting-edge technology, exciting industries, and continued growth makes our company an outstanding place to work. Our work culture is entrepreneurial, ambitious and rewarding as you get to collaborate with inspiring colleagues and interact with the best of the best in different industries. We believe that teams thrive and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of an exceptional solution.

Nordic Radar Solutions is currently involved in different EU funded projects under the Eurostars and Horizon 2020 programmes, specifically Foreign Object Debris and Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance (FODBASA) and Wind Turbine Bird Strike Avoidance (WITURBISA), as well as delivering our first turn-key solution Advanced Battlefield Integrated Scoring System (ABISS) to the Danish Armed Forces.

Send your unsolicited application to or call us at +45 86 99 27 26

Our timeline

2009: Gap in the market initially identified

2010: MS3E ApS (Military Sensor Systems Solutions Engineering) established.

  • Initial operational ideas and market needs validation

2010-12: Development of technology principles.

  • Unique radar system design for multiple applications

2013-15: Proof of concept

  • Pilot projects started
  • Concept evaluation
  • Early development
  • Proof of concept

2016-20: Proof of sales

  • Component test & deployment
  • Develop sales capability
  • First order – target scoring
  • Establish distribution partnerships
  • Company name changed to Nordic Radar Solutions Aps

2021-xx: Scaling with partners

  • Target scoring
  • Airport safety
  • Wind energy
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